AdBlue is an ultra pure solution of urea in demineralised water. The AdBlue solution is sprayed into the exhaust stream before the catalytic converter to reduce emissions in modern commercial diesel engines.

AdBlue has a very tight specification for manufacture under the DIN70070 standard and there are a lot of non conforming solutions found in the market.

At the Oil Lab, we can test for quality, strength and possible contamination of AdBlue samples.

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  • £275 for Advanced AdBlue Analysis

    Analysis to the full DIN 70070 Specification

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  • £149.99 for Adblue in Engine Oil

    Test engine oil for appearance, glycol, wear metals breakdown, ferrographic substance identification, additives and water measure, including FTIR analysis to determine cause of failure and adblue %

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  • £79.99 for Basic AdBlue Analysis

    Test Solution Strenght and identify any contamination present.

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