The Oil Lab have many years of experience in serving the locomotive sector – our experience in analysing samples from passenger, maintenance and freight locomotive equipment has allowed us to amass a great deal of historic data. This can help our customers tackle the most demanding lubricant or equipment related problem.



We offer oil analysis programmes for various pieces of equipment :

  • High speed
  • DMU
  • EMU
  • Light Rail
  • Tampers
  • Ballast cleaner
  • Crane

Engine -Generators and Diesel engines.
Transmission – Automatic
Gearbox – Industrial Gearboxes , Axel Gearboxes
Compressor – Refridgeration and Air Compressors
Fuel – Diesel or Red Diesel
Filters – Oil and Fuel
Hydraulics – Pumps, Hydrostatics
Coolant – Recirculation Systems
Grease – Bearing Compartments

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