Coolant / Cooling Waters

Coolant / Cooling waters Testing

coolant analysis is a fantastic tool to detect problems early. It is applicable to any closed loop cooling system from vehicle engines, food coolers, boiler water and other inhibited water systems.

The Benefits of Coolant Analysis

Equipment manufacturers have stated that as high as 40% of all engine failures are related to improperly maintained cooling systems. Over-maintaining your system with excessive supplement inhibitors can be as detrimental as under-maintaining your coolant.

This vital system is typically the most neglected, least understood component of the modern engine. Regular coolant testing and routine maintenance can achieve maximum system efficiency and identify potential problems before they become catastrophic failures.

  • Extend coolant drain intervals
  • Extend equipment life
  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures
  • Maximize asset reliability

Coolant analysis can detect:

  • Metal corrosion
  • Combustion gas leaks
  • Contamination
  • Electrical ground problems
  • Localised overheating
  • Chemical breakdown

When an internal combustion engine burns fuel, heat is created at temperatures as high as 220 C. Some form of cooling must remove this heat. The two most common ways to dissipate heat are by liquid cooling and sometimes by air cooling.

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  • £325.00 for Advanced Analysis Package

    Investigative analysis via FTIR and ICP to try and establish root cause of molecule formation in antifreeze, to check composition of antifreeze and cavitation damage inc metals in cooling systems

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  • £175.00 for OWS Suite – Oil Water Separation test

    Investigative analysis via OWS suite to determine water and fuel mixture and measurement of the separation

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  • £49.99 for Basic Coolant / Cooling water Test

    Detection of Concentration %, Visual inspection , contamination metals and quality of coolant.

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  • £79.99 for Coolant – Corrosion Testing

    Detection of Concentration %, corrosion inhibition analysis (inhouse method) with additive breakdown

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  • £60.00 for Basic Water Test

    Water analysis on lubricant by %

    • ¬†Karl Fischer moisture content

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