When a gasoline or diesel engine develops an unexpected problem, it leaves the owner stranded at the side of the road. When an aircraft engine develops an unexpected problem, it can have far more serious consequences.

Oil analysis is a critical component of aircraft maintenance. It’s just one tool in your bag of tricks to keep your engine running in top shape. Air-cooled aircraft engines are twitchy, heat-sensitive machines that vary widely in wear depending on the type of aircraft they are installed on, the type of cylinders installed, and how they are operated.

Aircraft engines and repairs can cost thousands of pounds. When you invest in a new engine or an overhaul, you want to make sure tolerances are set correctly and the engine parts are working well together – not only to get the most time and enjoyment possible out of your investment, but to literally protect your life.

You’ve checked the weather, filed a flight plan, and done a thorough walk-around. We recommend you check your oil every 50 hours.

Engine – Drives
Transmission -Automatic
Gearbox – Industrial Gearboxes
Compressor – Refridgeration and Air Compressors
Fuel – Avgas, Avtur or Jet A1
Filters – Fuel or Oil
Hydraulics – Pumps or Hydrostatics
Coolant – Recirculation Systems
Grease – Bearing Compartments
Turbines – Drives

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