The analysis of grease is a valuable diagnostic tool for condition monitoring applications. Wear metals in grease are an indication of how much wear is taking place so that corrective action can be taken prior to a major failure. Contamination may be present due to water, dirt, or even incompatible top-up grease. This contamination can be detrimental to the grease lubricating qualities and can cause serious bearing damage if gone undetected.

At The Oil Lab we can analyse used grease samples for moisture content, wear particles, acid build-up, and spectrographic metals.

Microscopic examination, associated with particle counting, can determine the nature of contamination. Testing of a more precise nature is reflected in the Worked Penetration, determining NLGI Rating and the Dropping Point, establishing grease type which would identify its suitability for use in the nominated application.

Testing Levels

  • Bronze Grease A basic analysis of contaminant in grease (moisture, wear and particulate.
  • Silver Grease Bronze + testing to make an informed decision about grease selection, regreasing intervals common wear mechanisms and typical cleanliness levels.
  • Gold Grease Silver + quality check for conformance to specification+ Microscopic Analysis

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    Silver + Specification + Microscopic Analysis

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    Bronze + application testing

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    Basic Testing

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