Insurance / Warranty

Insurance – Warranty and Damage Claims

The Oil Lab Ltd has many years of experience in investigating and solving complex issues for insurance claims with regards to oil, fuels, coolant and brake fluids.

Standard oil analysis is often all that is required to ensure and provide reasonable assurance that a warranty claim is valid. This relatively inexpensive testing takes only a couple of days. if more in depth analysis is required we have the expertise and equipment to resolve the most challenging claims.

Special Methods for Investigation

Our standard analysis packages will provide you with the comprehensive testing most often used when trending equipment and oil condition.

Machine failures can often be frustrating and can effect the supply chain and output process, our analysis provides a dedicated service that is focussed on helping determine root cause and help prevent such machine failure

If you have a test requirement and don’t see it on our website that does’nt mean we can’t provide it, either in-house or through outsourcing, If your test requirements are out of our sphere of knowledge, we can probably refer you to a laboratory with experts in that specific area.

The Oil Lab Ltd also provides technical support and is always pleased to work on long term projects with clients

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    Testing and Analysis on Brake Fluid for external contamination including water % and foreign particles

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