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Why Oil Analysis? 

Oil analysis of lubricants, is a vital tool in avoiding costly failures and ensuring a long life for your vehicles components.



The four key parts of condition monitoring are:

  • Analysis for wear metals to provide an indication of the mechanical condition of the unit and allow early detection of faults.
  • Physical testing to detect the presence of contaminants which can indicate problems (eg. Fuel or water in engine oil and/or cross contamination of lubricants)- Test cleanliness of oils to ISO 4406 and NAS 1638.
  • Assessment of the condition of the oil to estimate it’s remaining service life and allow cost effective top up rather than an unnecessary oil change.
  • Analysis of the oil to ensure that the correct type and grade have been used and that the appropriate additives are present.

Cost saving through oil analysis

Oil is the life blood of all machinery and can tell you so much about it’s condition, the small cost of regular oil condition monitoring is a very worthwhile investment to protect expensive machinery and equipment.

Condition monitoring can provide the following advantages and cost savings:

  • Analysis for wear Metals
  • Avoids catastrophic failure of a machine Prevents costly downtime with resulting inconvenience
  • Allows for preventative maintenance to be carried out
  • Avoids the need for expensive repairs
  • Allows maintenance to be scheduled with confidence

Analysis of the oil can ensure the correct grade of oil is being used,  that the correct additives are present in the right concentrations to lubricate effectively, Identifies leakage of water, coolant or fuel into oil & avoids unnecessary oil changes.

According to worldwide engine and construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, catching a problem before failure typically results in repair costs of 5-25 % of the engine value after failure results in repair costs of more than 65% of the engine value!

Our laboratories are able to undertake oil & fuel analysis, wear debris analysis and grease analysis.

Engine – Diesel, Petrol or Hybrid

Transmission -Automatic or Manual
Compressor – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Fuel – Petrol, Diesel or Biofuel
Filters – Fuel and Oil
Hydraulics – Lifting Gear
Coolant – Antifreeze
Grease – Bearing Compartments
Adblue – Quality checking

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