Food & Drink

The food industry demands high cleanliness standards, experience has shown there is a extreme potential for contamination of the oil by water washdowns and product ingress. We understand the loss of a machine is not only a cost in replacement but can lead to potential loss of production and product.

The Oil Lab has developed significant experience working in the food sector with many years of direct experience. Using the extensive database from the historical results from on all types of food process equipment, we has developed a range of optimised alarms set for many production line applications.

We have created focused oil analysis programs for :

  • Gearbox’s
  • Bearings
  • Hydraulics
  • Slicers
  • Pulp & Printing

Running on Food industry approved lubricating products.

Gearbox – Industrial Gearboxes
Compressor – Refridgeration and Air Compressors
Filters – Oil, Grease
Hydraulics – Pumps or Pnumatics
Coolant – Recirculation Systems
Grease – Bearing Compartments

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