In todays demanding economic climate it is important for fleet managers to ensure their equipment is operating at optimum condition for service. At the Oil Lab we can assist you to achieve this objective by providing a condition monitoring service for your lubricating oils, greases and coolants. This involves sampling minimum volumes of liquid at routine service times – this will enable you to build a trending report over a period of time. Any changes such as exessive wear , fuel or water contamination can then be detected at an early stage, enabling swift preventative maintenance before any vehicles are off the road. This small investment can pay significant dividends in terms of lost time in repairs, vehicle service hours and lost work.

Trouble shooting

Single samples can also be tested when things go wrong to make sure the samples conform to specification and determine what type of contamination is present in:

Engine – Generator or Drive
Transmission – Automatic or Manual
Gearbox – Industrial Gearboxes
Compressor – Refridgeration and Air Compressors
Fuel – Diesel or Petrol
Filters – Fuel or Oil
Hydraulics – Pumps and Pnumatics
Coolant – Recirculation Systems and Antifreeze
Grease – Bearing Compartments
Adblue – Quality Checking

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